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US Patent – Anwen­dun­gen                               20090032214
Klas­sen­chif­fre                                                    A1
Vom 5. Februar 2009

Sys­tem und Methode der Kon­trolle des Erd­kli­mas und sei­nes Schut­zes gegen Erwär­mung und von Klima– Kata­stro­phen wie z.B. Wir­bel­stür­men ver­ur­sacht durch Erwärmung.


Die­ses Sys­tem der Kon­trolle und des Schut­zes des Erd­kli­mas ver­läßt sich in ers­ter Linie auf zivile Flug­ge­sell­schaf­ten, wel­che ( bevor­zugt preis­sub­ven­tio­nierte ) Son­nen­ab­schat­tende, ( Son­nen­strah­len­blo­ckie­rende / Son­nen­strah­len­re­flek­tie­rende ) Treib­stoffe in gro­ßen Höhen der Atmo­sphäre ver­bren­nen, im Auf­trag, die Inten­si­tät der sola­ren Strah­lung zu redu­zie­ren, wel­che die Erd­ober­flä­che erreicht.

Die Benut­zung von Son­nen­strah­len blo­ckie­ren­den Flug­ge­sell­schafts­treib­stof­fen für den Schutz der Erde vor sola­rer Strah­lung fin­det seine Par­al­lele in der Benut­zung von Son­nen­schutz­cremes zum Schutz des Indi­vi­du­ums. Wei­ter­le­sen

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A method and appa­ra­tus for alte­ring at least one selec­ted region which nor­mally exists above the earth’s sur­face. The region is exci­ted by elec­tron cyclo­tron reso­nance hea­ting to the­reby increase its char­ged par­ti­cle den­sity. In one embo­di­ment, cir­cu­larly pola­ri­zed elec­tro­ma­gne­tic radia­tion is trans­mit­ted upward in a direc­tion sub­stan­ti­ally par­al­lel to and along a field line which extends through the region of plasma to be alte­red. The radia­tion is trans­mit­ted at a fre­quency which exci­tes elec­tron cyclo­tron reso­nance to heat and acce­le­rate the char­ged par­ti­cles. This increase in energy can cause ioniza­tion of neu­tral par­ti­cles which are then absor­bed as part of the region the­reby incre­a­sing the char­ged par­ti­cle den­sity of the region. Wei­ter­le­sen

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Hucko; Mark

Febru­ary 5, 2009

Sys­tem and Method of Con­trol of the Ter­restrial Cli­mate and its Pro­tec­tion against War­ming and Cli­ma­tic Cata­stro­phes Cau­sed by War­ming such as Hurricanes


This sys­tem of the con­trol and pro­tec­tion of the ter­restrial cli­mate relies mainly on civi­lian air­lines burning (pre­fe­ra­bly price-subsidized) sun-shading (sun-blocking/sun-reflective) fuels in the high levels of the atmo­s­phere in order to reduce the inten­sity of the solar radia­tion reaching the Earth’s sur­face. The use of sun-blocking air­line fuels for the pro­tec­tion of the Earth from solar radia­tion par­al­lels the use of sun-blocking skin-creams for the pro­tec­tion of the indi­vi­dual. The inven­tion par­al­lels the coo­ling effect on the Earth’s cli­mate cau­sed by major volca­nic erup­ti­ons, col­li­si­ons of the Earth with aste­ro­ids, or the coo­ling effect one could expect after a major nuclear war. This inven­tion pro­po­ses the crea­tion of a con­trol­led mini »nuclear win­ter«, in other words of a coo­ling cau­sed by the increa­sed refrac­tion of the atmo­s­phere or by the increa­sed shading of the ter­restrial sur­face by par­ti­cu­la­tes in the high levels of the atmo­s­phere Wei­ter­le­sen