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It is pro­bably safe to assume that the direct mone­tary cost of geo­en­gi­ne­ring would be at

least 100 times less than the cost of a full pro­gram of GHG abatement…

…and per­haps much chea­per than that

Because it is rela­tively cheap, a nation that had not done much aba­te­ment, but star­ted cli­mate impacts, might be temp­ted to uni­la­te­r­ally engage in albedo-modifying geo­en­gi­nee­ring.

Uni­la­te­ral Geoengineering

A few basic ideas about the sci­ence to start our discussions

2008 May 05

M. Gran­ger Morgan

Depart­ment of

Engi­nee­ring and Public Policy
Car­ne­gie Mel­lon University
Pitts­burgh, PA 15213
tel: 412−268−2672
e-mail: granger.morgan@andrew.

Four exam­ples of how the earth’s albedo might be increased:


1. Add small reflec­ting par­ti­cles in the stratosphere.

2. Add more clouds in the lower part of the atmo­s­phere.

3. Place various kinds of reflec­ting objects or dif­frac­tiongra­tings in space eit­her near the earth or at a stable

loca­tion bet­ween the earth and the sun.

4. Change large por­ti­ons of the planet’s land cover from things that are dark and absor­bing, such as trees, to things that are light and reflec­ting, such as open snow-cover or gras­ses.

A sin­gle nation could do these wit­hin it’s natio­nal boundaries

This is not hard to do,nor all that expensive.

Sour­ces: NASA; Boe­ing;

David Keith has sug­gested that it should be pos­si­ble to create micro­sco­pic reflec­ting com­po­site par­ti­cles that would be sel­fo­ri­en­ting and self-levitating, and thus might  have to be repla­ced very frequently.

Gun for shoo­ting com­po­si­tes into the air