Weapons that use Time-Reversed Electromagnetic Waves

Tom Bearden LTD. Colonel a.D. US-Forces :

At the end of WWII, the Soviet Union obtained the cream of the crop of Germany’s radar scientists and infrared scientists.
At that time, the German scientific team led the world in the theory and technology of radar absorbing materials (RAM) and radar cross section. For example, some leading Western radar experts believe that the German scientists had already advanced the theory of radar cross section beyond where Western scientists have arrived at today. Radar cross section science is the „heart“ of modern radar technology, countermeasures, and counter-countermeasures.
The theory of RAM technology is precisely what is needed to develop and design phase conjugate mirrors for radar frequency bands. Phase conjugate mirrors are capable of producing a time-reversed (TR) wave in direct response to a received ordinary wave. The mirror may be powerfully „pumped“ with energy to produce a very large amplification of the time-reversed wave.
Just after WWII, the Soviets also mounted a truly massive program to obtain and review all the scientific literature of the West This material was completely re-examined and digested, in a deliberate search for a major new technological „break- through“ area. Nothing similar to this has ever been done in the West.
By 1950, the Soviets probably had discovered phase conjugation and the time- reversed wave, in their radar programs using the German radar scientists. Their re- search would certainly have revealed that the time-reversed wave is a solution to the wave equation, and hence the phenomenon is universal to all waves and frequency regions, under appropriate nonlinear circumstances.
We stress the fact that from the beginning the Soviets have always led the rest of the world in nonlinear science and mathematics.
Thus by the mid-50’s, the Soviets would have mounted an intensive national development program on these radar TR wave weapons. If so, the Soviet Union has now had the equivalent of some seven or eight Manhattan Projects, back-to-back, in the development, stockpiling, and deployment of TR wave weapon systems. At least fifth generation Soviet TR weapons have been developed and deployed.
This is a matter of the greatest importance to the U.S. – and one which the U.S. intelligence and scientific communities have largely missed.
We particularly stress that the time-reversed wave phenomenon is a universal phenomenon of nature, not just a fluke, and not just a „nonlinear optics“ phenomenon. It is a solution to the wave equation and, as such, it applies to every kind of wave. Electromagnetic, sound, magnetohydrodynamic, and other radiating systems all exhibit the phenomenon under appropriate nonlinear conditions.
Hundreds of Western papers dealing with time-reversed waves are now in the open scientific literature-most of them dealing with non-linear optics. However, the principles of the time-reversed wave are well-established, and known to apply to waves in general.
Compared to a normal wave, a time-reversed wave has startlingly different weapon capabilities.
Such a wave precisely retraces the path of the ordinary wave that stimulated it to be formed. So it possesses an „invisible wire“ through space, back to the original position of whatever emitted its stimulus wave.
Further, the time-reversed wave continually converges upon its invisible „back- tracking“ path. It does not diverge and spread its energy, in contradistinction to normal waves.
Using several simple schemes (particularly pumped 4-wave mixing), extremely large amplification of the time-reversed (TR) wave can be cheaply and readily accomplished.
A startling weapons capability therefore emerges when amplified TR waves are generated in response to received signals from a distant target:
(1) If any signal at all can be received from a distant target, a return TR signal of extreme power can be delivered directly to that target Almost all of the transmitted TR signal energy will arrive at and in the distant target, even through a highly nonlinear medium or under scattering conditions. Hardly any of the energy will be lost enroute. If the target is fast-moving, a „lead correction“ signal can be calculated and added to steer the return path.
(2) Since real-time holography can readily be accomplished using TR waves – and without first making holograms, geometrical forms (balls, shapes, hemispherical shells, etc) of energy can be created readily by interferometry (crossed beam techniques). Since the TR wave carriers do not disperse with distance, these interference energy forms can be assembled by crossed TR wave beams at great distances-even hundreds of thousands of miles. The energy appearing in such a distantly created energy form is limited only by the amount one cares to put in at the amplified transmitting end.
Thus the radar itself now becomes a powerful, all-around weapon. With a TR wave adjunct, once the radar receives a return signal from a target, an extremely powerful TR wave pulse can be generated, and all the energy in that pulse can be unerringly returned to the distant target from which the return was received.
Even a passive (receive only) radar may be used together with a TR wave adjunct to accomplish the same directed energy destruction of the distant target emitting the signals received by the radar.
Radio receiver-transmitters may also employ simple TR wave adjuncts to provide a large number of communications jammers and „directed energy weapons,“ capable of jamming and/or destroying enemy radio transmitters at appreciable distances.
The Soviets have intensively developed such TR wave weapons since the 1950’s. In January 1960, Khrushchev was probably referring to these weapons when he reported to the Soviet Presidium the forthcoming advent of fantastic weapons, then in advanced Soviet development.
Prior to Khrushchev’s announcement, the Soviets had begun radiating the U. S. Embassy in Moscow with scalar EM waves and phase conjugate energy, modulated upon weak microwave carrier beams. Later these beams were used to induce illnesses and blood changes in Embassy personnel. (We will shortly discuss how the Soviets could induce disease at a distance, electromagnetically). The microwave radiation continued intermittently, in spite of the objections of several U.S. Presidents. U.S. studies failed to comprehend what was being done.
The Embassy radiation was and is a high-level intelligence probe: Stimulate and affect the U.S. Ambassador, a high-level target. Attention by the CIA, NSA, State Department, DIA, the U.S. President, etc. is guaranteed. Puzzled, they will turn to the U.S. scientific community for an explanation. The scientific community will try to explain the microwave radiation, using the best of its EM knowledge. By the U. S. counteractions taken or not taken at the Embassy site, the Soviets know with 100% certainty whether or not the U.S. has discovered TR wave weapons, electromagnetic disease control, etc. – and whether we have developed defenses against such weapons.
Since the beginning, of course, our actions – or lack of them – at the U.S. Embassy have consistently revealed to the Soviets that we have no knowledge of, and hence no defenses against, TR wave technology and the scalar electromagnetics (electrogravitation) that accompanies the phenomenon.
Soviet TR wave radar weapons also provide a convenient mechanism for accomplishing nuclear weapon kill. A target struck by a powerful TR wave pulse generates a time-reversed back-pulse due to nonlinearities in the target medium. In the nonlinear medium of the exploding or fuzing target, the two pulses (which are 180 degrees out of phase with each other) modulate each other, locking together into a scalar EM wave or pulse. This scalar EM pulse has zero electromagnetic force field resultants, but is a violent fluctuation of the energy density of local spacetime. Rigorously it is a local gravitational pulse wave, by definition. Further, it is far more powerful than „normal“ gravitational waves. This scalar EM pulse does not react with the orbital electron shells of an atom, but passes directly into the nucleus and is absorbed there. This raises the nucleus to an excited state, increasing its potential (trapped energy). If the nucleus cannot withstand this increase in potential energy, it directly fissions. If the nucleus withstands the increased potential, it then immediately decays from the excited state by simply emitting a time-reversed EM wave.
Any radioactive nucleus is already „teeter-tottering“ toward nuclear decay, so to speak, and it will instantly decay radioactively when struck by a significant scalar potential pulse. Thus a TR wave radar weapon can deliver a powerful TR pulse against a distant vehicle carrying a nuclear warhead, and the resultant EG pulse penetrating the nuclear material of the warhead will electrogravitationally explode it in a full-order nuclear detonation.
Therefore, when using such weapons, extreme care must be taken to avoid inadvertently pulsing one’s own nearby nuclear weapons or nuclear material. In attacking distant ground targets, one must be careful not to detonate nearby nuclear weapons, nuclear powerplants, or stored nuclear material-even at some distance from the target. Otherwise, large-scale nuclear fallout will be experienced over a worldwide area, and unacceptable „boomerang“ self-damage to the attacker himself may be incurred. The more powerful the TR pulse employed, the greater the safety separation between the struck target and stored nuclear materiel must be to prevent unacceptable „boomerang“ large-scale fallout
Also, large TR wave interferometer weapons, such as the Woodpecker systems, usually first produce very powerful, scalar EM „standing wave“ beams by continuously transmitting (in the beam) both a normal EM wave and its phase conjugate, modulated (locked) together to produce a „zero EM vector resultant“ electrogravitational (EG) wave. Interference of two of these scalar EM beams in the targeted area, plus internal scanning within the beam by other signals, allows EM effects – of either normal EM energy or time-reversed EM energy – to be produced and controlled at very precise locations within the broad interference area.
Each such huge „scalar EM standing wave“ beam represents a gigantic electrogravitational standing wave, and hence a giant oscillating potential in spacetime. This standing wave represents a sort of gigantic „capacitor“, or accumulator of infolded energy. Enormous energy may be collected in this potential, charged-up over a period of time. „Shortout“ of this giant capacitor – by transmitter failure – can result in a large flash-over discharge of the EG energy into the local earth, producing a massive EG ground wave that can be enormously destructive.
Thus one must carefully protect the TR wave weapon system from inadvertent discharge of large EG pulses into the earth at the local site, due to transmitter failure, shortouts, etc. Otherwise one’s own nuclear weapons or facilities may be exploded – even at some distance – by the EG pulse ground wave produced. One’s communications and electronics installations, for example, can be knocked out at an even greater distance.
For example, in the winter of 1957-58, a large Soviet TR wave prototype weapon at Kyshtym, near the Urals, apparently suffered a catastrophic transmitter failure, discharging a powerful scalar EM (electrogravitational, or EG) pulse into the earth. This huge EG pulse struck the atomic wastes stored nearby, causing the radioactive nuclei to immediately decay. In other words, the nearby atomic wastes exploded – just as eye-witnesses reported. Deadly radioactive contamination spread across a major region, and exists to this day.
After this accident, the Soviets would have developed much more elaborate safety circuits and devices and implemented them into their TR wave weapons.
Even so, in April 1986, the explosive eruption of a reactor at Chernobyl was almost certainly caused by an accidental catastrophic failure of a large TR Woodpecker transmitter about 30 kilometers away. The sudden failure of the East-to-West Woodpecker transmitter was positively detected by engineer Bill Bise. All safety circuits at the site would have been instantly activated, desperately and slowly draining off the huge „standing wave“ potential built up by the weapon.
The Soviets would have immediately shut down the reactors at Chernobyl as a precaution.
Some hours later, the transmitter safety devices finally failed, and a much smaller, though still significant, remnant EG pulse was discharged into the earth, spreading out in a ground wave. The first radioactive material – the fuel rods in one of the hapless, shutdown Chernobyl reactors – encountered by the EG ground wave pulse received it and immediately erupted radioactively.
Had the full EG pulse escaped the stricken transmitter, all four reactors at Chernobyl would have violently exploded, and deadly nuclear fallout would have rained down over a wide area of the earth. Had the reactors not been shut down and the control rods inserted „full-in“ to dampen the radioactivity, a far greater radioactive eruption – probably a nuclear explosion – of the struck reactor would have occurred.
In May 1960, a prototype TR wave radar weapon was used to down Gary Powers‘ high-flying U-2 aircraft over the Soviet Union. Powers reported a flash, as if from an explosion near him, but the flash persisted. This is almost certainly the signature of a TR wave weapon.
In April 1963, the first large strategic Soviet TR wave weapons became operational. These weapons were used to electromagnetically deaden the electrical controls of the U.S.S. Thresher atomic submarine on April 10, 1963, and to produce a huge underwater electromagnetic blast 100 miles north of Puerto Rico on April 11, 1963.
Since the 1960’s, the Soviets have possessed a 100% effective defense against U.S. and European strategic bombers and missiles. The early systems deployed in the Soviet Union were midcourse and terminal phase systems. The Soviets would also have relied upon additional TR wave weapons systems, deployed as adjuncts to radar systems aboard research ships and trawlers, to be able to attack U.S. missiles and bombers in their launch and early midcourse phases.
These Soviet defensive TR wave systems also could easily accomplish nuclear weapon kill, and by their nature may have already been immune to the Stealth technology.
Older Soviet radars, using TR wave adjuncts, become totally new weapons having startling and heretofore unsuspected capabilities against missiles and aircraft. For that reason, the Soviets happily continue to operate and maintain thousands of older radar systems that by Western radar standards, are seemingly obsolete.
Hundreds of incidents of Soviet tests of these TR wave weapon systems have been observed around the world, and reported in the open literature as puzzling or anomalous phenomena.
In the 1960’s, in Siberia, Vlail Kaznacheyev and his researchers accomplished enormous experimentation proving that cellular death and disease – of any type whatsoever – could be transmitted and induced electromagnetically. This team went on secretly to phase conjugate (time reverse) the „death photon“ signals, to show that any cellular death and disease can be reversed or „cured“ electromagnetically as well.
The latter work would have been done under the auspices and tight control of the Soviet KGB, since all phase conjugation (time reversal) weapons effects are under the KGB, both for development and deployment. Obviously the „electromagnetic antidote“ work of Kaznacheyev was not published, because it provided a powerful counter-BW warfare capability of great strategic importance to the Soviet Union.
Thus in the late 1960’s, the Soviet Union became the only nation on earth to achieve the capability of rapidly (within one or two hours) developing an electromagnetic antidote for lethal new biological warfare (BW) viruses – of any kind whatsoever. The Soviets also developed the capability for mass treatment in this fashion of both the civil populace and the military forces personnel.
Independent verification of the Kaznacheyev „death photons“ effect has been accomplished in West Germany (University of Marburg), in Australia (University of Sydney), and in the United States (by G. Wilbanks).
Independent proof of electromagnetic healing of viral diseases was also accomplished in the West and largely ignored.
In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, a French inventor – Antoine Priore – built and tested several large electromagnetic devices that cured thousands of cases of terminal cancers and leukemias in laboratory animals. He worked with members of the prestigious French Academy of Sciences. His work was funded by the French government and presented to the French Academy by Robert Courrier, head of the Biology Section. His work was suppressed in the 1970 ’s, and lost when he died.
Priore used a plasma to accomplish multi-wave mixing and phase conjugation (time reversal). His time-reversed curative signals used a powerful, rippling magnetic field as a carrier; the magnetic field guaranteed penetration of every cell in the body – necessary to reach a blood disease. The rippling of the magnetic field guaranteed penetration of the cell’s atomic nuclei by nuclear magnetic resonance. Penetration of the actual nuclei of the atoms in the diseased cell is necessary, since the master cellular control system (discovered by Dr. Fritz Albert Popp of West Germany) operates through the cell ’s structured scalar EM biopotential, and this potential is centered in the nuclei of the atoms comprising the cell.
Note that electrical dedifferentiation of cells at miniscule current – between picoamperes and nanoamperes – has been proven by Robert Becker and other researchers. Red cells of the frog, for example, have been electrically reversed through all their development stages. The cells first become round, then develop a scalloped outline in their membranes. Then they become amoeboid and move by means of pseudopods. Their nuclei swell and their DNA becomes reactivated. They then rid themselves of all their hemoglobin and develop a full set of mitochondria and ribosomes. In Becker’s historic experiments, the cells then turned into cartilage-forming cells, and finally into bone-forming cells. In short, Becker demonstrated dedifferentiation followed by redifferentiation into an unrelated cell type – all electrically initiated with laughably weak currents.
Thus profound cellular changes are most certainly inducible and controllable electromagnetically, by miniscule amounts of potentials and currents. Priore’s machine applied time-reversed EM waves to accomplish reversal from cancerous cells back to normal cells.
Priore’s work essentially proved that Kaznacheyev’s group would have been able to accomplish the same thing by phase conjugation.
Kaznacheyev’s „death photons“ work was probably accomplished much earlier than reported in the open literature. Thus it probably provided a basis to use in the microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, to engender blood changes and disease in targeted personnel. Two U.S. ambassadors died from a leukemia-like disease, and a third sickened and bled from the ears and nose. Only miniscule levels of EM signals would have been necessary to induce such biological conditions.
The present Woodpecker radars probably have the capability of producing similar conditions in distant target populations, whenever the Soviets wish to add the appropriate signals. They also probably are capable of killing large numbers of the targeted population, whenever appropriate Kaznacheyev „death signals“ are placed upon them.
In the late 1960’s, another cautious Soviet „intelligence probe“ was used: A paper appeared in the open Soviet literature, dealing with time-reversed waves in the field of nonlinear optics. Only a few American optical scientists seemed to be interested.
In 1972, to focus more U.S. attention on their subtle „intelligence probe“ of U.S. time-reversed wave knowledge, the Soviets sent two scientists to Los Alamos to brief American scientists on optical phase conjugation. Thereafter many U.S. optical scientists began to work in the „new field.“ Immediately it was revealed to the Soviet Union that the U.S. had ineffective knowledge of phase conjugation, and that the U.S. had no TR wave technology or weapons.
To this day, U.S. theoretical work in phase conjugation is still characterized by a fairly simple overall math model, obtained by simply „writing down“ the necessary conjugate term. There appears to be absolutely no U.S. awareness of the actual physical electrogravitational mechanism that causes the phase conjugation/time reversal, and no theory of it as such. Its direct application to radars appears to have largely been ignored in the U.S.
In 1975, the Soviets attempted to obtain a treaty with the rest of the world, outlawing the development of frightful new weapons of mass destruction – „more frightful than the mind of man had ever imagined“, according to Brezhnev himself. Gromyko introduced the draft treaty into the 1975 session of the United Nations General Assembly. No one knew what the Soviets were referring to.
Failing to obtain the treaty, the Soviets in 1975-76 embarked on the greatest military buildup in history. This buildup was nothing short of a full-fledged preparation to be ready to take over the world, beginning in 1985 (the „ready“ time per Brezhnev’s 1972 statement at a secret Prague meeting of European Communist Party leaders). The Soviets met this scheduled goal.
As we stated, The Soviets can be immune to any kind of viral biological warfare, anytime they choose to be. The use of lethal new viruses thus has become a highly favored, low-risk method of warfare for the Soviet Union. The West has no such capability against viral warfare, and in fact is totally vulnerable to attack in this manner. Both Western troops and Western civil populations are totally defenseless against the threat of viral biological attack.
A BW strike from a small, hostile nation or from a few radical terrorists – or even an inadvertent contaminant spillage from one of the great many ill-controlled private genetic experiments – can result in the introduction of a lethal, highly infectious new virus that will decimate the West. Indeed, a deliberate BW viral attack upon us may already have been unleashed.
In 1971, the U.S. passed the National Cancer Act and declared open warfare on cancer. Iron Curtain country scientists were invited to participate, and they did so with alacrity. At the time – ironically – penetration of our recombinant DNA genetics research was one of the highest priorities of the Soviet KGB. Obviously, many KGB scientists/agents were infiltrated into our labs under this program (some of our cancer research labs at Ft. Dietrich, for example, still employ more Communist than American scientists.).
In these cancer labs, animal viruses were repeatedly injected and reinjected into human cell cultures, until new viral strains emerged that preferred human cells. These viruses could then be cultured and the effects (or lack of effects) of various chemicals and drugs against them could be ascertained.
These new viruses are exactly what one would wish to develop if one were seeking a biological warfare virus to which humans were not resistant, and one which preferred humans as its host
Sometime during the early 1970’s, KGB agents who had infiltrated U.S. cancer research laboratories may have deliberately contaminated the World Health Organization’s smallpox vaccine with one or more of the lethal new viruses available in the Western cancer laboratories. Massive WHO smallpox vaccination in Africa and other Third World countries then resulted in the appearance and spread of the AIDS disease.
If this thesis is true, then AIDS constitutes the first Soviet biological warfare strike against the West, in what can only be categorized as the opening round in a unique new World War III.
With the Kaznacheyev techniques, the Soviet KGB already has the effective electromagnetic antidote against AIDS and other lethal viruses, anytime it wishes to employ it. Some Soviet citizens, however, will be allowed to die, to serve as a deception plan and conceal the true Russian capability. Meanwhile, the Third World nations and the West will be devastated by the killer disease.
Other lethal viruses are almost certain to follow, whether from the Soviets, fanatical terrorist groups, or inadvertent private contamination. Undoubtedly, some of these frightful new viruses are not going to be slow (lentivirus) agents. Some will likely be highly infectious and quick-acting, in the manner of influenza. Some will be transmitted successfully by insect vectors such as the voracious new Asian Tiger mosquito now spreading across the Southeast U.S.
Beginning in July 1976, powerful new Soviet „over-the-horizon radars“ (the in- famous Woodpeckers) became operational. Extensive weather engineering over the U.S. has been accomplished by these weapon systems. (This has been separately documented by the present author; C. B. Baker, editor of Youth Action News; Andrew Michrowski of Canada’s Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE); and other researchers such as Andrija Puharich.) In addition, the Woodpeckers possess the full range of TR wave weapon capabilities, including real-time holography capabilities and anti-Stealth capabilities. Terrible anti-biological capabilities are also possessed by these weapon systems, and they are also highly effective as global launch phase and midcourse phase defensive weapons for use against U.S. missiles and bombers.
In 1985, the Soviets completed „wet run“ weapon tests against U.S. missiles and aircraft and at least three of NASA’s shuttle launches, employing the Woodpeckers in the launch phase ABM anti-bomber mode.
Beginning in December 1985, actual destruction of selected U.S. missiles and aircraft was accomplished. Targets destroyed by the Soviets included the Arrow DC-8 at Gander AFB, Newfoundland on Dec.12, 1985; the shuttle Challenger launched on Jan. 28, 1986; the Titan 34-D rocket launched on Apr.18, 1986; a U.S. Delta rocket launched on May 3, 1986; and the French Ariane rocket launched in late May, 1986.
In 1986 and 1987, the mysterious loss of two highly classified U.S. aircraft – believed to be Stealth fighters – may also have been due to Soviet testing of TR weapon capabilities and anti-Stealth capabilities of the Soviet Woodpecker weapon systems.
However, a severe limitation on the unrestricted use of TR weapons exists. If powerfully and unrestrainedly used, they will cause nuclear warheads and nuclear material to explode as surface nuclear bursts – in the dirtiest possible fashion. The resulting massive radioactive fallout would probably wipe out all higher forms of life on earth. Note that Khrushchev stated in 1960 that these fantastic weapons could „wipe out all life on earth if unrestrainedly used.“
As long as we possess an appreciable deployment and stockpile of nuclear weapons, we are essentially „dead man fuzed“ against substantial Soviet usage of their powerful TR wave weapons.
Thus Gorbachev needs to „thin out“ the deployed and stored Western nuclear warheads, to allow a more unrestrained field of play for his decisive TR wave weapons. That is why at Reykjavik he suddenly expressed full interest in President Reagan’s zero option, even expressing agreement with the principle of on-site inspection to insure dismantling of missiles and removal of warheads.
That is also why the Russians are so actively interested in negotiating the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Europe. They can quickly and easily take Europe, the moment the nuclear weapons are thinned out and our „dead man fuzing“ is removed!
To appreciate the ease with which a Soviet offensive, augmented with unrestrained TR wave weapons, can take Europe, consider this: A single airborne Soviet standoff radar jammer, complete with adjunct TR, within minutes can knock out all U.S. British, and FRO radars that illuminate it. Each pulse it fires, destroys an Allied radar. A single Soviet standoff communications jammer, complete with adjunct TR, within minutes can knock out all U.S. British, and FRG communications centers that are transmitting within its detection range. Each pulse that it fires destroys an Allied communications center. A single standoff Soviet jammer-based TR wave weapon can destroy an Allied carrier task force. Pulse after pulse from that weapon system will destroy the task force’s radars and communications, explode HE propellants and nuclear weapons, explode fuel, ignite flammable materials, explode rockets and ammunition, and kill personnel wholesale. Tactical adjunct TR weapons can rapidly destroy aircraft, missiles, radars, radios, personnel, tanks, weapon carriers, personnel carriers, ammunition dumps, gasoline dumps, etc. The instant vulnerability of any massive emitter such as AWACS is readily seen.
We are referring to a new kind of blitzkrieg war: War conducted by powerful beams and destruction, engendered at the speed of light War in which electromagnetic radiators are the primary decisive weapons. War in which new kinds of directed energy weapons play the major role. War which renders all our present defensive armada of weapons archaic and useless. War in which the materiel and personnel loss rates are so incredibly high that they boggle the mind of the more conventional military tactician and planner. War in which even a small nation with TR wave weapons can strike and devastate a major power, and possess a first-strike capability unparalleled in human history. War which could be triggered by radical splinter groups and terrorists groups that acquire the technology. War in which the slightest miscalculation or the misuse of the weaponry can completely destroy the earth. War which places extreme emphasis on finding „other ways“ – such as surreptitious biological strikes and insidious electro-psychological attack and control – to decimate a foe. War that Western governments, populaces, and Armed Forces are completely unprepared – militarily and psychologically – to face.
NATO can be defeated in two hours or less, and the entire war – mop up and all – would last perhaps three days.
Of course, powerful demonstrations of Soviet strategic superweapons could be provided, to show that attempted nuclear retaliation would simply be suicide. The Woodpecker weapon systems alone could wipe out all major communications systems and power systems in the U.S. induce waves of EM-induced death and disease in preannounced locations, induce waves of abject fear and panic in the populace, or psychologically disrupt and disable – say – the entire Washington D.C. area, to include the people, the government, and the Pentagon.
If such a scenario were accompanied by a proclamation of a Soviet equivalent to the „Monroe Doctrine“ – except applying it in Europe, an offer of a ceasefire, and an offer to allow us a „Dunkirk“ to evacuate the beaten remnants of our European forces, we would almost certainly be forced to accept the Soviet terms for a ceasefire that left the U.S. intact.
The U.S. Congress – reacting with alacrity to accept this sudden and apparently miraculous Soviet leniency, and avoid the destruction of the world – would probably play the leading role in dictating our acceptance of liberal Soviet terms.
An agreement with the Soviets to mutually withdraw many of the nuclear missiles from Europe appears to be imminent. When the missiles are thinned out, the preceding scenario or some variant of it is almost certain to occur.
There remains, however, one fly in the Soviet ointment: The U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative.
Presently our scientists apply phase conjugation primarily to „keep laser energy beams intact for greater distances.“ They appear to be completely unaware of the electrogravitational aspects of phase conjugation.
A colleague of the author has already rigorously proven this electrogravitational aspect on the laboratory bench. The phase conjugate (time reversed) wave is composed of, and carries, negative energy and negative time. If an object is forced to produce a great deal of this negative energy/negative time, it produces antigravity. This is because, in negative time, gravity is a repulsion, not an attraction.
In addition, if the electromagnetic energy of a laser is changed into gravitational energy, a theoretical gain of up to 1036 (protons) to l042 (electrons) is achievable. In practical devices, an energy gain of 1020 may readily be achieved. Applied to a modified powerful laser in space, this electrogravitational gain factor is of overwhelming significance.
In SDI, U.S. scientists presently envision a high energy laser in orbit, pumped perhaps by means of a nuclear explosion. The pulsed beam from this laser would have sufficient power to destroy a rising Soviet strategic ICBM in the launch phase, say at 10,000 miles away.
If that same laser were converted to a scalar electromagnetics laser (one that turns much of its electromagnetic energy into gravitational energy), it could blast and destroy possibly a quarter of Russia with a single shot.
Thus if we developed and tested the SDI spatial/launch hardware for the space-based high energy laser, so that these systems were available for immediate launching, we could convert their lasers to scalar EM and still possess a very real strategic retaliation capability, even if the Soviets should strike us almost unrestrainedly with powerful TR wave weapons. If we launched several of these systems, we could still probably get off a few shots at Russia and destroy her, before all our space lasers could be destroyed by Soviet counter weapons.
In that case, mutual assured destruction would still exist, and we would still possess a full „last ditch“ strategic retaliation capability.
Gennadi Gerasimov, Soviet Foreign Minister spokesman, confirmed as much on the Peter Jennings‘ ABC News Show, Los Angeles, California on 13 October, 1986. The real concern (with SDI), he indicated, is not with its present design. Instead, the Soviet concern is that the U.S. would make a great technical breakthrough and deploy new devices in space as a modification to SDI, presenting an unacceptable threat to the Soviet Union.
Gerasimov was almost certainly referring to the potential for U.S. adaptation of the SDI space-based lasers to electrogravitational lasers capable of destroying the Soviet Union.
Obviously, if the high energy laser weapons stay grounded in the laboratories, and the system hardware is not developed and ready, that strategic retaliation capability is lost to us. For that reason, Gorbachev is adamantly insisting that the SDI defense must not be developed and tested in space.
If Gorbachev can prevent the development and testing of the SDI space-based high energy laser and get the nuclear weapons thinned out, he immediately holds the decisive winning hand.
This is where we are now, vis a vis the Soviets. This is the background necessary to understand the full context of the present jousting between the Soviet Union and the U.S.
In the Washington Times of Aug. 26, 1986, Soviet Chief of Staff Sergei Akhromeyev warned the United States that the Soviet Union could have an unpleasant surprise response if the U.S. deploys its Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) in space. Akhromeyev stated:
„If the United States deploys a shield in space, the Soviet Union will have several options, none of what Washington would wish. . . The Soviet Union will very quickly find a response of which the United States has no inkling as yet “
It is absolutely essential that the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the U.S. Congress be aware of these Soviet weapons and their capabilities.
It is also essential that the U.S. public become aware of the real nature of the hidden Soviet threat that faces us, so that public support will be forthcoming for the hard decisions our government leaders have to make to counter it.